**NEW** Magenta Pomander


Mike’s thoughts:

Due to its proximity to Mid Summer’s day in the Northern hemisphere, Mid Winter’s day in the Southern hemisphere, June 21st is an auspicious day.

In recognition of the importance of this time there has been a lot of activity on Shire Farm. The flow forms on the chakra path have been realigned and we have placed more rose quartz around the large Hathor sculpture by the heart pond. In addition we have been working on the glyphs of the Mayan Tree of Life which will be situated on the eighth chakra, above the crown.

The Guardian Angel and Heart Angel for 21st June is B66, this bottle ‘The Actress’ is the predecessor to B67 – the first time the Magenta energy appeared in the system in both the upper and lower fractions of an Equilibrium bottle.

With the significance of these events both globally and locally I get a sense of overwhelming and profound synchronicity with the coming into being today of the Magenta Pomander.

In the Aura-Soma system ‘love from above’ and ‘love in the little things’ are nearly synonymous as both are intimately related to the Magenta energy.

I remember when the Archangel Chamael Equilibrium bottle was born I received the inspiration that at some not too distant point in the future the Magenta Pomander would be born.

I am also reminded that Vicky often expressed tales of how she had used magenta paint in her clinic, a topical treatment first recognized for its healing potential during the battle of Magenta in 1859. Perhaps at this time we have the opportunity to become ‘whole’ (the root of the word healing) with the potential healing of our karmic wounds.
Love is not only the answer it’s also the key to our healing.

If we don’t love ourselves what chance do we have to care for each other? Let’s remember who is important to love first and foremost as we immerse ourselves in the Magenta ray. If it feels right I suggest that the first time you introduce it into your field you say from your star in your belly:

‘As I offer this sacred substance to myself, for myself, I love myself and feel the love from above’.

Then as the wave of Magenta energy extends through each of us out into the world, when we view the rainbow we might look to see if the Magenta appears brighter.

Excited thoughts and love from above,

Love and light

New Caps for Equilibrium Bottles

The caps are changing on the Equilibrium bottles from gold to clear.  I love the idea that the only colour now is the colour within the bottles.  To me the bottles look so light and beautiful with the new caps.  They are being phased in so you may still receive gold caps for a while.  Hope you like them as much as I do.


Sarah’s thoughts on Archangel Israfel

Sarah’s thoughts –


Having just been reading about the 4 Archangel bottles that have been born on 14th December along comes another!

Archangel Israfel is said to be one of the newest Archangels, with a deep connection to music. The colours are turquoise over mid tone royal blue, the same colours as in the dolphin bottle only reversed and with a little more light in the royal.

I found a lovely piece about this Archangel on www.beliefnet.com

‘Israfil is the angel who brings us the music of the celestial spheres and blows the trumpet on judgment day. He is a beautiful angel with four wings. Arabic lore says Israfil spent three years with Mohamed and initiated him as a prophet. His name refers to the burning one because he assists people in burning off their limiting thoughts and the result of their old behaviors. Israfil so deeply loves all people that his tears of grief at our needless suffering would have flooded the earth if Allah had not stopped them.

 Israfil encourages us to sing and write songs. His angelic voice enfolds the listener in love, regenerating the body, mind and soul. He inspires people to sing and to lift their spirits. Israfil will fill your heart with a deep sense of gratitude and help you see what a miracle it is to have received the gift of life. He will show you how to fill your days with beauty.’

There are a few bottles in the system that have a ‘partner’ such Maid Marion B28 and Robin Hood B27, Oberon B86 and Titania B85, New message B24 and New Messenger B49 etc. These bottles contain the same colours only the other way up. We can tell by the name of these pairs that there is a connection between them and now we have Archangel Israfel as a partner to the Dolphin Bottle B33.  It could be said to be an upside down Dolphin bottle.

There are 2 reasons that dolphins swim upside down.  One is to be playful and the other is to see what is in the depths below them, the colours contained within B112 could be said to stimulate both of these aspects, as the turquoise we see as playful and fun, and the royal blue, awareness and clear seeing.



 The Native Americans say that there is a connection between the dolphin and the breath. They recognise that each animal carries it own medicine and that of the dolphin is to bring attention to the breath and how that breath is flowing through the body. Hidden within B33 and B112 is the blue/ blue bottle B2 – the peace bottle. The quickest way to bring peace into the cells and bodies of the being is take the attention to the breath as when we are at peace the breath is steady smooth and flowing.

This process is part of the practice of the blue globe meditation which if practised regularly brings many benefits. B2 is the High Priestess in the tarot and the path of the High Priestess connects Kether and Tipereth along the middle pillar. The pathway of the breath entering the body.

As we become aware of the breath we become more centred in our being, more connected to our Incarnational star which resides in the golden area of our being. This gold is the complementary colour to royal blue which is contained in the base fraction of the bottle. Royal blue governs the senses and helps us to find clarity.

In B112 the turquoise is in the top fraction encouraging our playful creative side to lead the way. If we can do the things we love to do, the things that helps us to be connected to and communicating from the heart, we have the possibility of finding greater clarity and awareness of what is happening at the deeper levels of the self along with a deep sense of inner peace.

The turquoise helps us to become aware of our individual personality talents and how we can use them to benefit the group. I feel this bottle will help us to find our place within the group valuing ourselves and our individual talents, which in its turn will help us to connect with our purpose and what we came to do.

The number of the Archangel Israfel bottle is 112. We can look at this as either the 11/2 or the 1/12. B11 is clear over pink, the Essene bottle and the 2, the Peace bottle again. B112 has the potential to facilitate the process of being really connected with the breath to enable us to access the love and light contained within the B11, helping us to love and accept ourselves the way we are.

In the 12 clear / blue we shine the light into into the blue energy. This is the hanged man in the tarot which may be a connection with the upside down dolphin. Until we can really accept our individual talents and start finding our individual contribution, we will be upside down in the world. The 1, blue over deep magenta, is the magician in the tarot and the rescue of the blue helping us to become aware that we have all that we need inside ourselves and offering the possibility of re-cuing those aspects of ourselves that we are not at peace with.

The 12 energy is emphasized again in the timing of the birth of B112 – 12.12. on 14/ 12 / 2014.  We can also see here the influence of 14 which is the bottle clear over gold, shining the light into the area where our true colours lie, the incarnational star.

Now is not a time for us to feel lonely or different, not a time for us to compare ourselves to others but a time to step out into the world with our unique talents and have fun. The 1+1+2 =4 which is the yellow over gold bottle called sunlight. This bottle supports us to develop our self worth and confidence in ourselves which in turn leads to greater sensitivity and awareness.

Once again I feel the importance of the peace meditation to connect us with the golden area, with our breath and with the energy of peace. Mike spoke in his comments of how this bottle supports the letting go process, perhaps offering a greater possibility for us to let go into the energy of peace.

Level 3 Course Set/Oct 2014



Lovely Level 3 students and a beautiful sunny week to go with it.  I really enjoyed teaching this level of the course exploring the journey of the Masters, the Tarot and the Tree of Life.  A deep and rich course.


A photo of the river we overlook in Looe.

Full set bottles


A full set of 25ml Equilibrium bottles



Mapping the bottles onto the Tree of life with the help of the Pamela Matthews Tarot Cards


Group Bottles on Tree


Laying out the group bottles on the Tree of Life Silk Cloth

Golden Thread


The golden thread takes the teachings to a deep level.

AEOS Energised Organic Skincare


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72 Angels of the Kabbalah and Aura-Soma® Colour System

Would you like to get to know the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah and learn about their relationship to the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles?

One way of working with the 72 Angels and really getting to know them well, is to meditate and invoke each angel throughout the 5 day period that they are closest to the physical world. To do this with each of the angels will take a whole year. We will be doing this starting on 28th November with Angel Daniel but you can join at any time and continue for 1 year.  The angel that is the Guardian when you join us will be relevant for you and your journey with the Angels. It can be fun to keep an Angel diary to record your experiences.

We will post on Facebook – Essence – 72 Angels and also on the website – http://www.72angelsessence.co.uk/ blog page every 5 days as the angels pass through their cycle. Throughout the 5 days you can chant/sing the name of the angel out loud or to yourself, visualise the colours within the corresponding Equilibrium bottle which we will paste a picture of and meditate upon the hebrew letters that form its sacred name. We will also tell you some of the angel’s qualities to help deepen your connection with the angel.

You are welcome to email us or post any questions that arise for you now or during the year and also any experiences you would like to share.

72 Angels Angel

Archangel Daniel B111


Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to let you know that a new Equilibrium Bottle has arrived – Archangel Daniel

The colour is Mid Tone Royal Blue over Mid Tone Olive.  The number of the bottle is 111.  We have pasted Mike Booth’s thoughts below.

Sarah’s thoughts:

It is so exciting that when there is so much talk about Ascension, bottle 111 appears. My understanding is that Ascension is a process whereby we move from one dimension to another.  We do this by a change in frequency or vibration within the cells of our bodies (physical, emotional and mental) so we naturally pass into a different way of being. A higher vibration means that lower ones are dispersed.  Lower emotions are ones such as anger, hate and jealousy, higher emotions are love, hope and joy.  As we change, everything around us naturally changes, our relationships and all that we attract into our lives.

When there are 2 x ones in a number they can act as a gateway i.e. 11 is a gateway, 111 is a gateway through which the 1 is passing.  Bottle 1 is the physical rescue bottle and the Magician in the Tarot.  This is where we realise that all we need, we have within us and when we recognise this and make peace with ourselves we are able to step into our own authority, knowing our truth.

This feels very important to me with the story of Archangel Daniel and why he has appeared in the range at this time.  The Royal Blue calls us to be aware of all that is happening within our senses, what we are experiencing in the moment, at the same time the Olive energy in the base of the bottle is calling to the deeper levels of the self to let go of anxieties and fears and find a new sense of hope and renewal.  Perhaps when we do this we can really start to discover what is real and what is not, which is one of things that Archangel Daniel helps with.

So perhaps the time has arrived for us to have a more loving relationship with ourselves, to find compassion and forgiveness for all the wrong doings that we have done, and had done to us.  At the same time we are able to step into our power and stand up for what we believe with a new sense of authority.

This bottle is very connected to the Old Soul Bottle which is bottle 47 (4 + 7 = 11) The colour in this bottle is Royal Blue over lemon yellow.  The main difference between the 2 from a colour point of view is that there is a little blue added in the lower fraction in bottle 111.  This is an indication that we now have the opportunity to bring a little peace to all that has occurred in the deep past, all the memories, all the traumas, all that has been carried forward.  The mid tone olive helps us to make the journey into our hearts where the compassion and forgiveness lie.

With love and peace Sarah x
B111 –

BornDecember 2013

It is said in some texts that Daniel is roughly in his mid-thirties, very tall at around 6.5 feet with bright green eyes and flaxen wavy hair. Daniel’s origins are not to be spoken of which is something to do with where he comes from and how, in some way, that is comprehensible.

Daniel helps us to discriminate between what is real and what is not. This is one of his main purposes. Our dreams and intentions are focused in a way that helps us to materialise those intentions and dreams in a very active way without a loss of energy or a loss through wasted time.

Daniel also brings a communication that flows easily and without constriction helping to remove difficulties where enthusiasm and quick thinking leads to incomprehensibility. His work with clarity of speech and communication are very important as to how compassion and real feeling may be transmitted. If we find the way to be compassionate towards ourselves then perhaps that compassion can overflow into the world. Daniel is very much to do with aiding us and helping us to be compassionate towards ourselves.

Daniel may help us to be in the right space, just to be ourselves and not to behave differently thus allowing ourselves to be what we are even when a situation or circumstance is very important to us.

Daniel brings a sense of real ease into being where previously there have been certain anxieties then he may help to dissolve those subtle anxieties. Many different situations that relate to legal or matters of justice are also within his remit and his way of being. To translate some of the purposes of Daniel into human activity is very difficult because as an archangel of the transmission of love and all its qualities (which is largely his domain) is difficult for the human being to understand.

Where there has been injury or where there has been difficulty then there is the possibility that whatever created those difficulties can be brought into his grace and his ability to bring peace and well-being. Where we have been unsure about our identity and where that identity is being misplaced or used incorrectly then Daniel helps us to find our identity within the quality within the depth of our being.

Daniel’s qualities also include truth and harmony. He assists us in seeing circumstances correctly, to see them in a clear light so that we might be able to act most appropriately. Where there has been deception and difficulties in communication he brings clarity, bringing light to hidden manipulations and one of his main tasks is to bring clarity into relationships.

Daniel is a guardian and a protector and a major part of his role is supporting each of our guardian angels in some way. A large part of what he has been involved in recent times has been to help in supervising construction of time travel between galaxies for the transit of archangels from one galaxy to another even between universes.

Daniel is connected with the emerald of the heart and one of his connections is thought to be as part of a group of archangels that are called ‘the Emerald Archangels’ inspiring holistic and peaceful lifestyle within the human realm in harmony with the being of the earth and the energies of the earth at this point in time.

Daniel has been offering his energies into this bottle marking a new sequence in time. As we know we are beginning a new cycle of time and it is partially why Daniel is manifesting in this bottle at this time. He has been called upon by the Archangel Michael and other archangels including Gabriel to help with the transition that the earth and the human collective is going through at this point in time. Specifically we can think of him in relation to the emerald of the heart, the harmony and love generated between the earth’s grid system and our own energy system and how that is a relationship at a deep level of love. There is a very strong Venusian connection with Daniel and the association with the reformed forces of the rebellion are also inspired by Daniel.

If Daniel occurs in a consultation then be sure that this is an indication to be with close relationships, marriage or partnership or how these matters are also his primary concern at this point in time. Clarity in relationship.

In relation to microcosmic being then Daniel also manifests as the possibility to letting go through the breath. To breathe in heavenly love, to breathe in compassion, caring and warmth and to breathe out pain and fear, the hurts and betrayals of the past and finding a new sense of clarity Daniel supports us to find a better way and not be in a situation where we do not feel the love that is being manifested is the love we need, want or deserve. Daniel is also concerned with the inspiration towards change both within ourselves and also within our relationships in the world.

Mike Booth

Aura-Soma Level 2 Course

If there are any Level 1 Practitioners who would like to do Level 2, I have just scheduled one for 13th – 18th January 2014.  It is short notice but I only need one more student to run this course.  Anyone wishing to re-sit is also welcome.  Details of the course content can be found at


Please email us at sales@11essence.co.uk if you would like to join this course which costs just £400 (as it is such short notice I have reduced the price by £50 to enable everyone to benefit from the early booking discount)

If you are worried that the weather might be bad please do not worry as if anyone can’t make it due to the weather I will either rearrange the course or offer a refund.