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The 72 Angels are an Ancient Wisdom System which has been connected to the Aura-Soma Colour System 

The names of the 72 Angels carry high light frequencies through sound and colour which have the possibility of helping to dissolve your blocks and limitations so you can reach more of your potential. All you need to do is to open to the frequencies and let them work their magic.

You have everything that you need inside of yourself. The angelic codes help you to unlock anything that is preventing you accessing your own truth and inner wisdom.


Who are your personal angels?

What are their sacred names?

How can they support you?

What are their connected colours?


In 1975 ancient documents were found hidden in a cave in Gerona, Spain about an ancient spiritual practise. Knowledge that has arisen since this time has seen an emergence of a system based on 72 Divine energetic codes also seen as angelic frequencies

The system is based on 72 angelic frequencies of colour and sound, which can be invoked to literally lighten your life, lightening your energy fields so that you will attract more of the divine qualities.

You can attract more Peace, more Joy and more love into your life when you start inviting angels as a daily practise.


Each of the 72 Angels has a stunning dual-coloured Equilibrium bottle connected to it. These bottles contain the energies of colour, crystals, plants and herbs and can be applied to the body to promote wellbeing and vitality. 

Each colour has a different frequency and a different affect. The colours within the bottles connected to the angels can bring insight and understanding about the support the angels bring.





Each of you has a unique vibration that is affected by the vibrations of sound. The sounds that are used when working with the 72 Angels are their sacred names based on ancient wisdom teachings and the Hebrew light language. Sounds can affect your mind, emotions and spirit.

The angel names give you a direct connection to their higher frequencies, which can unlock different aspects to bring greater awareness.  The sounds can be made out loud or silently, the names said, chanted or sung for yourself or for others. It is the resonance of the sounds as they move through the energy fields and through the body that is the catalyst for change. It is helpful to spend a bit of time in silence feeling this resonance after invoking the angels.



You have at least 3 of the 72 Angels connected directly to you by the time and date that you were born. These angels were assigned to be with you throughout this incarnation. They are your Guardian Angel which supports your daily life and actions. Your Heart Angel which supports all matters of the heart, your feelings and your relationships, and the Intellect Angel which supports your mind and your thinking, enhancing positivity and peaceful thoughts.






The 72 Guardian Angels have a cycle that takes one year. It starts on 21st March and ends on the 20th March the following year. During their time of guardianship the Angels are closest to humanity. Most of the Guardian Angels have 5 days in which they are closest, some 6 and some 4.

Nearly all the 72 Heart Angels have a cycle of 1 day having 5 separate days during the year when they are closest.

The 72 Intellect Angels move through their cycle in 1 day and each has a cycle of 20 minutes during the 24 hours.




Don’t be surprised if you start to experience and see life differently. As your energy becomes lighter you automatically attract more synchronicity into your life. You begin to see different possibilities as you connect to your inner compass which helps you to make decisions inline with your highest possibility.


Most people report feeling more loving towards themselves, a greater happiness in all that life brings and more trust in the way that their life unfolds. 



Sarah teaches all 3 levels of the 72 Angels and the Kabbalah with Aura-Soma Colour System Courses from her home in Duloe, Liskeard, Cornwall. She is also happy to travel if you wish to organise a course for her. The courses are fun, informative and experiential in nature.

Consultations are available where you will have the experience of exploring your choice of 4 Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles along with those that correspond with your 3 guiding Angels. This can bring deep insight and understanding.


Find your personal guiding angels using our charts.

Look deeper into this ancient wisdom tradition.

Find unique 72 Angels products and gifts.


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